Shirley Adler

1908 – 1990

My mother was the perfect southern bell.  Born in Knoxville, TN and raised in Florence, AL, she was beautiful, smart, and pretty hip. When I was growing up, I could tell her anything and she understood. Never judgmental, she was loving and supportive of anything I did. Like her mother, my mother read everything she could get her hands on. She read at least one to two books per week. At dinner, we always discussed politics, current events, or anything that happened to come up. Anything was allowed – even subjects that were taboo in other families.

The most difficult time for my mother and our family was in the beginning. We all knew what was happening. We knew and she knew. It was such a helpless feeling – knowing what was happening and knowing that there was no way that we could stop it. Watching someone as alive and vital as my mother slowly dissolve into nothingness was painful beyond words. It is so important that we find a cure for this horribly crippling disease that wipes a persons whole being away. I can think of no other way than contributing to research as much as we can. Hopefully, other people, other families will be not be faced with the pain that follows this disease around.