Rosalie Bertell

1902 – 1983

My Aunt Lolee was a business woman with style. She owned a lady’s ready-to-wear shop in a small town in Alabama. She always dressed perfectly and her store was the store to go to to find the “right” clothes. She took great pride in how she looked and how she dressed. She was also a very funny woman with a great sense of humor and loved to make people laugh. She enjoyed going to parties and having parties. Of course, she was always dressed to perfection. Aunt Lolee was unable to have children, so my sister and I were her kids. There was nothing she would not do for us. When we were young, she took great joy in dressing us in special clothes. We loved it and we loved her. My aunt began losing her memory in her seventies. Fortunately, she had a loving husband who took great care of her. Since her mother had died of Alzheimer’s, Uncle Irv knew what to expect and took great care of her.