EJ Manton                                                                                                           Board Member

EJ Manton graduated from University of Miami with a degree in teaching and was an elementary school teacher for 5 years. It didn’t take her long to realize how much she loved working with kids and families and that she wanted to make that her life’s work. EJ returned to graduate school and received her MSW in 1979. Shortly after, she earned her LCSW. 

EJ worked at Jewish Family Services before opening a private practice. She ran a successful private practice for 35 years specializing in children, parenting and trauma. During that time, she served as an Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina for over 6 years supervising psychiatric residents. Additionally, EJ was appointed Chairperson for the task force “Parenting After Divorce”, which was later required by all parents going through a divorce in Orange County,  North Carolina.

When asked about Alzheimer’s, EJ said, “I did not choose to be a supporter of Alzheimer’s. It chose me”. EJ comes from a long line of people who have suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. From the time she was ten years old, someone in her family has had this insidious disease, starting with her grandmother, her mother and her aunt. “Care to Remember touches every nerve in my body. It is a beautiful and exceptional idea put together by two of my grandchildren. Let us all hope that they will be successful”.