young people working together

to make alzheimer’s and dementia just a memory

We Care To Remember

Care To Remember is a non-profit organization committed to educating young people about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Our hope is to inspire and empower young people to play a part in eliminating this devastating disease. It is our goal to raise awareness and funds in order to find a cure, bringing us closer to making Alzheimer’s and dementia just a memory.

CTR Clubs

Start A Club

Care To Remember clubs are open to any school, church, synagogue, or group that wishes to participate. Starting a club is a great way to engage in community service, awareness and fundraising events.

CTR Events

Get Involved

Help us find a cure! Join us as we engage in awareness and fundraising events that will benefit Alzheimer’s and dementia research. This year, we will participate in our 3rd annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s

CTR Community

Join Our Community

At Care To Remember, you can commemorate your loved one by having them inscribed on our Memorial Wall. You can also share your story, view other stories and share support within the CTR community.

Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Care To Remember supports the Alzheimer’s Association and their annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Join us when we Walk. All participants receive a complimentary t-shirt and bracelet and students can receive community service hours. 100% of all funds raised are donated to Alzheimer’s.

Committed to Wiping Out Alzheimer’s

Care To Remember was created by Jonathan and Jenna Reiner. This brother-sister team have joined forces in an effort to raise awareness within the young community. It is their hope to educate, inspire and empower young people to embrace Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and get involved.

Thank you to our incredible sponsors!

Help bring us closer to making Alzheimer’s and dementia just a memory